In the aftermath of the August 10th election, I have noticeD on social media that an avalanche of attacks have emerged between supporters of the two major parties that contested the election.

The attacks slowly escalated from mild discussions to hostility and malicious name calling filled with heavy derogatory and repulsive remarks that have the potential to end in personal injury.

Yesterday I read a where a lady on social media mentioned that “ all coolies should be packed into a boat and sent back to India ‘’ That is a classical example of how polarized and divided we are because some of us came from Africa and some from India.

It is truly sad and unfortunate to read all the cuss words and alleged accusations spilled from both sides, it looks like “we against them and they against us,” this is deplorable and certainly unwanted.

But the provocation started way before elections when both leaders had shed barbs by utilizing words like, Oreo, blank, and on the other hand, it was Calcutta ship and cheese heads. despite the fact, they are entrusted to set the best examples for the people.

Our leaders are culpable and should be held accountable for their actions.They have facilitated the continuation of chaos, hostility, harassment and perhaps inciting unrest, inta alia. The implication was like an endorsement to continue using the “C” word or the “N” word.

At the end of the day, whichever party holds a majority will form the government and both ethnical group will have to accept it regardless of color, creed or race.

In order to mitigate the chaos, we should bury the hatchet, cease and desist from racial defamation, and make amends with one another so we can enjoy peaceful co-existence regardless who becomes our Prime Minister.

Jay Rakhar

New York

via email