Left to right, Quinn Alexander, Jeremy Stewart and Justin Stewart, the local artistes making social media waves with the gospel hit “Heaven.”

Local talent is currently dominating the national airwaves, with many young artistes enjoying an opportunity to showcase their talent.

But while many see this as a change in fortune, some see it as a loss, as many of the artistes are using what some see as negative lyrical content and influences from other cultures in their creations.

However, there are artists right here in Tobago using their talent and exposure to uplift—spiritually.

Quinn Christian Montano Alexander, lead vocalist co-writer and producer of the current runaway gospel hit “Heaven,” is leading that charge.

Alexander collaborated with vocalists Justin and Jeremy Stewart to blindside the local gospel industry with the piece.

The song was released on social media platforms on August 21 and has so far been gaining hundreds of views and positive commendations for going against the norm by using gospel music to deliver a message.

Tobago Today spoke exclusively with Alexander, who said he created the track after stumbling across the instrumental music online. After writing the lyrics, he was approached by brothers Justin and Jeremy online to do a collaboration. When Alexander heard their vocals, he immediately decided that he wanted to work with the duo and the rest, as they say, is history.

Alexander also shared a bit of his life and musical journey.

“I grew up in Trinidad, at the age of three months my mom relocated to the United States and she left me with my dad, aunts and grandmother Henrietta Wilson. At around thirteen, my dad died and I felt like my life was taken away from me and to be honest I wasn’t the model teenager,” he said.

In fact, he said his life was on a downward spiral until age seventeen when his grandmother took what may have been a critical decision as far as his life’s trend was concerned.

“My grandmother threw me out of her house and I was left on the street to live in an abandoned apartment with no help other than bad influences,” Alexander said.

“After a month or two of staying there, my sister Kenetha Richards, who lived in Port-of-Spain, took me in for a while until she sent me on to a place called Marion House.”

Marion House is a run by the Living Water Community and provides housing and developmental programmes for adolescent males.

He said the Marion House experience changed his life, as he felt he got a second chance at life after being given access to academics and skills training.

“I gravitated to music as it was always a part of my life. While going to Marion Hall I was able to accomplish singing a theme song for the hit show Crime Watch called The Hunt is On.”

According to Alexander, his musical exploits included the production of several other songs and performances on Synergy Soca Star. However, he said through it all he felt that something was still missing.

“In 2015 I came to Tobago and somehow reconnecting with my grandmother and my other family members who now live here kind of really helped me to see what I was missing. My grandmother is a Spiritual Baptist and being around her and going to church influenced me to get baptised and change my life and now I’m using my talents to create music for the glory of God.”

According to Alexander, his new mission is to produce more “Kingdom Music”, write more songs and after the COVID-19 pandemic, go on a home tour with his band.

As a Christian, he said ultimately he awaits the day God returns and by grace and his faith enter, as the hit song says, Heaven.