Phillip Almandoz, of Miles Almandoz and Company, says he is sorry his pre-action protocol letter to National Security Minister Stuart Young, was leaked via social media.

The letter informed Minister Young that although the business place sold alcohol, most of its sales were of non-alcoholic drinks, household products and cleaning supplies.

It also warned that legal action would be taken if the police followed through on their stated intentions to close the business.

Almandoz told Guardian Media that although the document was ” a perfectly correct legal letter, it sent the wrong tone and should never have gone public”.

He has penned a letter to his customers to address the issue.

Here is the full text of the letter.

Miles Almandoz and Co Ltd. wishes to advise our customers that we remain open for business between the hours of Mon to Fri 8am to 3pm and Sat 8am to 1pm.

Earlier this week, our company sought to ensure that our business is compliant with the new laws. Earlier today, we became aware that this had inadvertently become public, through no fault of ours.

Our operations continue to maintain all recommended sanitisation protocols, including hand-washing facilities at our outdoor sinks, physical distancing and limitation of the numbers of persons inside the store with utilisation of face masks inside the premises.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal wholesale and retail customers for their continued support.

Importantly, we would like to thank the Authorities for their continued support as we continue to work together in the best interests of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

We apologise for any misunderstanding that may have inadvertently arisen, as a result of our seeking to ensure that our operations maintain all standards required at this time.