The Tobago Business Chamber has welcomed the approach taken by the Government in speeding up the phased reopening of businesses in T&T, in light of the country’s position with COVID-19.

Head of the organisation Martin George said the chamber appreciated the fact that business are opened and the economy can start moving once again.

“As a business community we appreciate the fact that businesses basically are open, save and except a few, which would be bars, casinos etc, however the majority of retail businesses are able to now open and function so we appreciate that and we applaud that” he said

Meanwhile, George is urging the Government and the Tobago House of Assembly to ensure that there is ease of access, transparency and a greater efficiency and effectiveness for the public to be able to access the various social relief grants implemented post COVID-19.

He said many people have not received assistance.

“So we are asking from a Tobago perspective that the THA do all within its power and that the Central Government also facilitate to ensure that all these social relief programmes for the average citizens in Tobago are speeded up, implemented effectively and efficiently, so that we don’t keep hearing complaints from so many persons, to say that look, while there has been a great PR exercise about how much the Government has proposed to do, if it’s not trickling down to the small man, the man in the street, then really and truly it ends up being an exercise in futility, as far as effectiveness in actually granting relief to the average citizen in Tobago” he said.