Attorney Martin George.

Sharlene Rampersad

The Tobago Business Chamber says it is ready and willing to work with the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) when the new Tobago House of Assembly (THA) slate is sworn in on Thursday.

The chamber’s head, Martin George, on Tuesday congratulated the PDP on their victory at the polls on Monday night.

“We are clear in our desire to work along this incoming administration to ensure that the elements from the Tobago private sector are resuscitated, brought back to life, so that we can have a vibrant, dynamic business community here in Tobago,” George said.

He repeated his call for a repeal of the Foreign Investment Act, asking the PDP to lobby Central Government to ensure the act is removed.

George said both Trinidad and Tobago needed foreign investment and the foreign exchange those investments bring.

“This is at a time when T&T as a whole needs foreign exchange, it needs the input of foreign investment so that Foreign Investment Act creates such a bar and stumbling block for direct foreign investment, we need that repealed immediately,” he said.

George said the chamber is also willing to work with the island’s youths to teach them the opportunities business development brings.

“We also are willing to work along with the incoming Assembly to ensure that incubators are developed for enhancing and growing young entrepreneurs so that they can understand the importance of good business administration, good business management practices,” he said.

He said the chamber wants to be involved in training and mentorship programmes alongside the new THA slate.