WPC Eunice Neptune-Alleyne

Camille McEachnie

A Tobago family mourning the death of their loved one due to COVID-19 is urging Tobagonians to get vaccinated.

Relatives of WPC Eunice Neptune-Alleyne, 56, who died at the Scarborough Hospital on August 27, say they are still shocked by her death.

The WPC, who was attached to the Tobago Division, was in the Scarborough Hospital’s intensive care unit for two nights before dying. She is to be buried today.

Family members said she had her first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine but got ill from an ongoing medical issue.

One of her elder brothers, Micheson Neptune, a retired public servant turned farmer, said Eunice was warm and friendly but had a no-nonsense approach to her work.

“She always tried to maintain a good relationship with people and she tried to create harmony among the siblings,” Neptune said.

“I think she would have encouraged people to take the vaccine because from my discussion with her, she wanted to take it, and she thought that would have been good, especially for people who have comorbidities.”

Meanwhile, another brother, who prefers not to be named, is also urging vaccination.

He told Guardian Media he had a close encounter with death after contracting the disease long before his sister. He cannot remember much of what happened during the time he was ill.

“I heard I said all kinds of things, but I cannot remember most of it. The days were foggy. I was really out of it. If it were not for prayers and following the doctor’s advice, I am not sure I would be alive. At times, things were very rough for my family.”

He said he is thankful to his wife, children and friends for helping him during his illness.

He said he cannot wait for the stipulated three-month period to pass to get his first shot, adding he regrets not having his first shot earlier.

Meanwhile, condolences poured out on social media for the WPC’s family and friends, after the TTPS posted news of her death on their Facebook page. The TTPS described the WPC as “motherly” and a “pillar in her (Bethel) community. “

Meanwhile, the Tobago Regional Health Authority reports that as of August 29, there were 15 new COVID cases on the island.

The authority said there are 456 active cases, 412 are in home isolation and 38 in state isolation. Six people are in ICU,and 65 people have died of the disease since March 2020.