Secretary of Health, Wellness and Family Development, Councillor Tracy Davidson-Celestine (5th from left), along with Administrator of the Division, Cheryl-Ann Solomon (7th from left), take a group photo with the newly installed TRHA Board and other TRHA officials. (Photo courtesy Office of the Chief Secretary)

The Tobago Regional Health Authority has a new board.

Ingrid Melville is its chair for the third consecutive term.

This was revealed earlier today (Monday, October 12, 2020) via a Facebook post by the Office of the Chief Secretary.

Here are the other board members:

●  Deputy Chairman  –  Beverly Nola-Adams

Other members:

●  Dr. Carlton Guy

●  Dr. Sandeep Kumar

●  Marilyn Procope- Beckles

●  Akissi London

●  Carlos Hazel

●  Ronald Celestine

●  Trudy Caraballo