Tobago supermarket chain closes


The Management of Viewport Supermarket posted the notice to let their customers know of the decision to close both branches, until further notice...

The managers of Viewport Supermarket, Tobago, have shut their doors in Scarborough and Canaan, until further notice due to COVID-19 safety concerns.

Notice of the food chain’s closure was posted on Facebook by its Managing Director Melony Hunte.

The notice read:

“Dear Public: In response to COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to close both our retail outlets until further notice. Given our critical role in the provision of foodstuff, we await guidance and the assistance of authorities to provide some level of service to the public as soon as possible.”

When Guardian Media reached out for a comment on what the management wants from the authorities, Melony Hunte told us:

“We want to keep our staff and customers safe. For that to happen,” she states, “the authorities must give us some guidelines and some help.”

“Our feeling is that they close the bars, rivers, restaurants but they are leaving supermarkets open with no guidance as to how to remain safe.”

“In other words, we are the sitting ducks,” Hunte added.