One of the COVID 19 isolation units at the Scarborough General Hospital, Tobago.

Two more people died of COVID-19 in Tobago in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of COVID- related deaths to 39.

A 62-year-old woman without comorbidities, and an 81-year-old man, with comorbidities, died on Monday night.

According to the woman’s children, their mother Ingrid George of Plymouth, who recently retired from the Kendall Farm School, was “healthy and just had a runny nose.”

They say they expected her to return home. They are now warning the public to take all flu-like symptoms seriously.

One unvaccinated daughter, who works at the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (PATT), said she believes she took the disease home to her mother.

She told Guardian Media, many of her coworkers contracted the virus and when she began feeling ill, she tested for the disease.

“On July 11 mom began having a runny nose. She hardly left the yard, tended I was the one going out to work. Mom would wet her plants and attend to them. She was healthy. She retired from the Kendall Farm School two years ago. She was never sick.”

“When the flu continued to stay on her, she spoke to a church member who had COVID before. He told her to get tested. She was due to get tested but got ill after she discovered I tested positive for COVID,” her daughter, a PATT employee, told Guardian Media.

She said after she told her mother she had tested positive for the disease, her mother began worrying and became quite ill.

Another daughter, Andrae George, said the grandchildren are badly affected by their grandmother’s passing at the Scarborough Hospital at Signal Hill.

The family said they will consider taking the COVID vaccine and reminds that even after taking the jab, people must still follow COVID protocols.

They say they see vaccinated coworkers, friends, and family not adhering to COVID protocols, putting themselves and others at risk for getting the disease.

“It’s a personal choice so when I feel better, I will decide if I will take the vaccine. We still have to follow all the protocols like hand washing and social distancing after we take the injection as I have seen people let down their guard after getting their two shots.”

According to the TRHA, as of Monday at 10 pm, there were 38 new COVID cases in Tobago. A total of 11,376 people took the vaccine of which 9,405 got two doses.