US rapper Ludacris, right, and Tobago chef Arthur Patrick.

Arthur Patrick, 29, is a Tobagonian chef whose local flavoured meals have been sizzling among several celebrities internationally. But before cooking for some of the most popular people in the world this young chef’s career started at the Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute.

“I realised that if I stayed here as a chef I would be stunting my growth,” he said.

“I decided to go to the US and attend Johnson and Wales University,” he continued.

Since then, Patrick has worked with singers such as Neyo, Fantasia and Anthony Hamilton and was also the personal chef for Elvis Dumervil of the Baltimore Ravens.

But there are not the only celebrities he has worked with, more recently this Tobago talent prepared meals for Christopher Bridges also known as Ludacris as he visited T&T for Carnival.

“A family friend who lives in the states recommended me for the job,” Patrick said.

“They wanted a more personalised experience for him,” he continued.

Ludacris is on a Ketogenic diet which is a very low-carb, high-fat diet but even with that meal plan, the local chef added some T&T flavour.

“I always try to implement our local flavours and ingredients into my menus,” He said.

“He loved sweet potatoes so I did things with sweet potatoes, avocado, plantain,” he continued.

Patrick prepared three meals for the act the fool rapper daily and even though he didn’t partake in our doubles or oil down the Fast and Furious actor did cheat his diet on carnival Saturday.

“About 12 midnight he messaged me and told me that Sunday is my cheat day and he wanted something different, “he said.

“So I had to think outside the box to produce a menu for him that day,“ Patrick continued.

The 29-year-old chef said Ludacris loved T&T’s food and how friendly our people are but had some questions about our party culture. He said the rapper was impressed by our stamina.

“How do y’all party for so long, celebrate for so long?” he asked.

“Ludacris said that’s crazy,” he continued.

And while cooking for celebrities is a big accomplishment for any chef, Patrick has another dream he wants to accomplish. He has plans of opening his own restaurant.

“I am currently in the act of doing that, so hopefully before the year is out,” he said.

He, however, did not disclose the location.

Patrick told Guardian Media that he will continue being a personal chef and offer his culinary knowledge to upcoming chefs.