Tobagonians select their free seedlings on Wednesday at the Louis D'or Nursery at Roxborough, Tobago. (Image: VINDRA GOPAUL)

Tobago’s Division of Food Production, Forestry and Fisheries under the Tobago House of Assembly, gave away some 9,000 seedlings today, to Tobagonians interested in getting into agriculture.

Speaking to Guardian Media, Manager of the Louis D’Or Nursery at Roxborough, Clayton Matthews, noted that more Tobagonians are gravitating towards agriculture since the onset of COVID-19 restrictions on the island.

Today, the nursery gave away 9,000 seedlings to persons interested in cultivation, and Matthew said this was the second phase of giveaways from the Division.

“We are trying to focus on improving our food security by distributing vegetable crop seedlings to the public in Tobago.”

He said the first phase of distribution took place on Monday June 8th, and attracted 300 persons to Scarborough, where 9,000 seedlings also were distributed.