The Police Commissioner has repeatedly appealed to legislators to make amendments to the Bail Act

The Commissioner of Police is making yet another call for amendments to be made to the Bail Act to deal with firearm offenders.

Commissioner Gary Griffith has been calling on legislators to amend the law so that persons held with any illegal firearm can be denied bail for a period up to 120 days.

This time the Commissioner is pointing to the $16,000 fine handed down to a Valencia man last week by a Sangre Grande Magistrate, after the man pled guilty to charges of possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Commissioner Griffith says what the accused got was “a pat on the back and a free pass” to go back onto the streets.

The top cop maintains that being able to keep illegal weapons—and those caught with them—off the streets, will help make a big dent in the country’s homicide rate.