The Police Service press conference at the Administration Building in Port of Spain, on Thursday 4 February 2021. (Image: SHARLENE RAMPERSAD)

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says the police are still engaged in a rescue mission to find kidnap victim, Andrea Bharatt.

Speaking at a press briefing at the Police Administration building in Port of Spain on Thursday morning, Griffith said the investigation remains at a sensitive stage.

The top cop defended the efforts of his officers in response to criticism that CCTV cameras should have been used to track the vehicle that picked up the 23-year-old.  He revealed that this country’s CCTV cameras cover only two percent of the nation’s geography.

And Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in charge of Operations, Joanne Archie, told members of the media that all arms of the TTPS relating to kidnappings were activated the minute the police received the report of the incident on Saturday.

She confirmed there are still several teams on the ground searching for Andrea Bharatt, today, as there have been over the past few days.

She sent out a message to Andrea’s family, saying the police have not given up their search for her.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Griffith bemoaned the fact that the kidnapping, unfortunately, has exposed this country’s flawed criminal justice system, stating once again that the scales of justice have been tilted towards the benefit of criminals.

He made the comment following the revelation that one of the suspects had a litany of charges against him, observing that bail now seems to be mandatory.