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Atlantic LNG Train 1 will not be mothballed in January 2021 and approval has also been given for a turnaround to done on the plant, Energy Minister Franklin Khan has said.

Speaking at the House of Representatives yesterday, Khan said: “Atlantic Train 1 will not be shutting down in January 2021. Train 1 will continue to operate in 2021 and will be part of wider negotiations, which have been taking place among the Atlantic LNG shareholders to form one unitised facility encompassing all four Trains.”

Khan was responding to question pertaining to a Guardian Media Ltd (GML) Report that noted there was a desperate attempt by the government and the National Gas Company of T&T (NGC) to save Atlantic LNG Train 1.

Khan noted that the NGC, acting on behalf of the government, is taking the required actions to maintain the operability of Train 1, pending the finalization of the negotiations of the structure for the unitised facility.

Khan noted: “Only last night (3rd December) the shareholders of Atlantic Train 1, approved the turnaround (TA)”.

According to Khan, the turnaround would take place in January and would keep it in an “operations ready mode” for all of 2021 into 2022.

When asked if the shareholders have agreed to supply gas to Train 1, Khan said: “The issue of the operatability of the plant will depend on the TA.”

On the gas supply side, Khan noted negotiations are still underway to source a continued supply because the train was normally supplied 100 per cent by BPTT.

The Energy Minister said: “BP is saying that they have a shortage and they cannot supply, but BP is not the only supplier of gas in Trinidad so we are in some sensitive negotiations, let me make that point, with upstreamers to supply gas to Train 1.”

Earlier this year, BPTT told GML that its short-term supply arrangements on Train 1 have been extended to the end of 2020 and the company was also reviewing its forecast production for 2021 and beyond while working with the Atlantic stakeholders to understand the options for extending the the life of Train 1.

GML was told that the government met with BPTT on Wednesday 3rd December, to convince the multinational to supply gas into Train 1.

GML also understands that the National Gas Company of T&T (NGC) wanted to assume the role of lead operator of Train 1 to keep it running.