Customers line up to enter the Lets Talk store at Trincity Mall, Trincity yesterday.

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Trincity Mall tenants will on Friday find out their statuses on outstanding mall fees for the past two months.

The store owners maintain that the mall’s initial stance to require tenants to pay Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges despite not being open for business has further compounded their losses during the Stay-at-Home period.

“For the past two months they want us to pay CAM charges, which is a little bit a lot. They’re trying to help but it is a lot when you compare you were closed for business. Nothing is coming in at all, nothing came in at all so that’s a little too much that they asking them to pay,” said one store owner.

The CAM charges, Guardian Media was told, can still run up costs of $10,000 and up.

She said that since the reopening, business has been slow.

“Now that the mall has reopened, people coming, things coming back a little bit to normal but they not really shopping as per se as they would shop (before) but people coming into the mall. They were home for a couple months, so they glad to get out of the house and the mall is where they coming,” the owner said.

Another store owner said many persons were coming into the mall to buy phone cards and popcorn.

Several shops, however, have closed for good. One owner said regardless of what happens for the rest of the year, it is likely that his business will have to seek a cheaper rental location in the future.

One current tenant said his business previously had three stores in the mall, but due to rental costs they closed two stores and shifted to a kiosk.