Trini born singer Payge Turner on The Voice

When Trinidadian-born Paige (Payge Turner) Roopchan unleashed her vocals on the Season 19 premiere of NBC’s The Voice on Monday, it was the kind of stuff to raise souls.

In a blind audition where coaches turn their backs to performers and only turn around if they are interested in coaching the talent, Roopchan created a competition between the show’s sweetheart couple Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, who both were interested in nurturing her through the series.

Coaches would describe her voice as beautiful and sexy.

The 27-year-old Seattle musician performed The Weeknd’s Call Out My Name, showcasing her vocal versatility to seamlessly manoeuvre pitches.

She is born from talent; her mother, Jacqueline Johnson is an ace contralto soloist with The Marionettes Chorale.

“I was ready to go. They had me back there, and I was like ‘I’m a bull in the pen. Let’s go! Let’s go!” Roopchan said to the panel.

Appraising Roopchan’s performance, Stefani said, “I just felt like your voice was just so beautiful, everybody was dying when you hit that low note. And I just love how much control you have and how sexy your voice sounded, and I would love to work with you.”

American country singer Shelton was the first to turn around and marvelled at Roopchan’s passionate and energetic performance which included her slamming the mic stand on the floor.

“Like literally slammed it down 100 per cent. She was high stepping, her knees were up above her head, she was stomping. I mean, it was awesome. And she is not just an incredible vocalist, but she is a performer. If you do not pick me for your coach, at least give me a year free in your fan club because I am a huge fan,” Shelton said.

With R&B star John Legend acknowledging her talents, he welcomed her to the show and presented her the tough decision of choosing her coach.

Eventually, Roopchan chose Team Gwen.

According to the Seattle Times, Roopchan was born in Trinidad and Tobago and recently moved to Seattle from Kansas where she spent her youthful days.

“A keyboard teacher at the School of Rock, she released her “Sleep Walker” EP this summer, coolly blending soul and soft rock with hints of jazz and blues in her guitar playing, plus some steel drums flashing her Caribbean roots.”

Roopchan holds a degree in music theory and vocal performance.

Jamaican singer Tessane Chin appeared on Season 5 of The Voice and went on to win the competition.