Trinidad Killa, (Hollice Jonah Mapp), right, with music producer Black Star (Arnold Noel) and Dj China K (Kareem Kinsale) offload items to make hampers at his home in Bourg Mulatresse, San Juan yesterday. The hampers will be disstributed to families who have lost income and in need of help. 

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Kern Joseph, known by his stage name Trinidad Killa, captured many in the nation with his musical talent during Carnival 2020 and now he is hoping to do the same through his generosity.

Guardian Media spoke with Joseph as he offloaded items from a van tray. Those items would be packaged and made into hampers. He said many have spoken about helping but he started doing it.

“So the difference between dreams and reality is called action.”

Joseph explained that while at home due to the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home measures, people began contacting him for help.

“So they reaching out to me and said boy I under pressure boy what you going to do for me, but I cant help everybody.

But he sprung into action and started to help from his own pocket and posted the initiative on social media to get help for more people.

“If everybody comes together in this country because these people who reached out to me is these people who support us artiste, DJs, businessowners; everybody on a daily basis and at a time like this when the country in crisis we don’t have to wait on the government.”

To his pleasure, the help did come from some in the music industry as well as some selfless businesspeople. He has volunteered to do the rest.

“The state the country in now people afraid to even leave their house so I taking a risk with my team to go out there, get the food, package it and transport it,” he said.

The hampers include basic food items, cleaning supplies, some clothing, and even toys and hand sanitisers for the children

The toys are a measure to lift the spirits of the children who have been depressed even before the closure of schools.

Joseph said the focus of the goodwill is on families living with low income in various communities around the country. He said special attention must be placed on these people.

“What about the people who have no light, who have no water. what about the people who were under pressure long before this whole COVID-19 pandemic thing?”

Trinidad Killa is well-known in the local dancehall circuit but broke into the mainstream in 2020 with his hit “Dy Zess.” He said he is inclined to give back because he remembers where he came from.

He said, “I know about being hungry without nothing to eat I know how it is.”

Joseph makes it clear he isn’t doing it for fame but to shed a light on the issue so more would be motivated to help as well.

He added that the plan is for this movement to grow.

“We don’t want to do just this for now alone, we want to do this all the time,” he said.

He called on others in the society, who could to also lend a helping hand.