President of Sewa International TT Revan Teelucksingh, left, receives a donation from Trinre representatives, Lelia Compton, centre, and Aneesa Ali-Khan.

The Trinre Foundation joined with Trinre employees to raise $40,000 to be donated to various organisations which have been actively engaged in providing relief to vulnerable members of the society affected by COVID-19.

Donations were presented to the Living Water Community, Sewa International TT and The Eternal Light Community to continue their mission of providing support to those in need. Trinre’s employees coordinated a donation campaign in response to the pleas of the Living Water Community for support to meet the demands of the volumes of persons seeking its assistance.

The donations raised were matched by the Trinre Foundation to provide grocery hampers to over 130 families who have been financially affected by the coronavirus.

The foundation, also recognising that face masks may not be in the reach of everyone, donated funds to Sewa International TT for the production and distribution of 200 cloth face masks along with grocery hampers to financially affected families.

The Joshua Boys’ Home and Goshen Home for Battered Women and Children, both in Arima will also benefit from Trinre’s generosity by helping to provide necessities for the wellbeing and safety of those in their care.

These homes are part of the Eternal Light Community which provides much needed shelter to many.

Trinre’s executive chairman Rani Lakhan-Narace commended the initiative of the Trinre family to step forward and lend a helping hand.

She emphasised: “In this time when the world is facing the effects of such an unprecedented pandemic, we must remember that we are all in this together,” recognising both an individual and collective responsibility to communities, particularly those in need of support.

Trinre also encourages everyone to continue to take all safety precautions and to support initiatives that will advance the health, safety, and prosperity of all citizens.