TSTT House, Port-of-Spain.

There have been some complaints from customers about TSTT’s recent “debt forgiveness” offer and checks are being made to ensure anyone who is eligible can in fact do so.

This was confirmed by TSTT chief executive officer Lisa Agard on Saturday following complaints by some customers who had applied for the recent “Forgive and Reconnect“ offer.

The Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago had advertised that if a customer’s balance was older than one year as at August 21, 2021, “your debt is forgiven.”

Customers were advised to reconnect or sign up for any new Bmobile service to be eligible.

Some customers who contacted Guardian Media said they applied for the offer but were subsequently told by TSTT’s E-respond, “Our debt forgiveness promotion is a predetermined list of customers (sic) that we offered this discount.”

They were advised their number wasn’t on the list and asked for more information to check on their eligibility.

Customers complained, “If this offer was confined to a pre-determined list of customers it may have been better to just advise the people on the ‘pre-determined list’ that they’d been selected for this and not advertised it to the general public.”

When Agard responded to Guardian Media, she stated, “We have had some complaints. We are checking our Finance Department to ensure that all people who are eligible have been sent to the Contact Centre so that we ensure that anyone who is eligible and wishes (sic) to avail themselves of the offer can in fact do so. Anyone who has contacted us by E-respond will be contacted to ascertain their eligibility.”