On Saturday 31st July 2021, North Eleven’s animation Caroni, placed 3rd in the Shorts category of the Guará Mapping Festival in Brazil. The film was 1 of 5 shorts featured at the festival from 112submissions.

Inspired by the scarlet ibis, significant to the Guará Mapping Festival and the national bird dear to Trinbagonians, North Eleven based in Trinidad and Tobago, created a wildlife protection story. It was directed by Johann Medford and Arnaldo James with illustration+animation by Samantha Farmer.

The story set in the Caroni Swamp portrays two futures influenced by human practices. James, who wrote the story, expressed, “Poaching is a serious threat to the scarlet ibis, a bird that also faces the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation. This piece is in solidarity with protection efforts to heighten awareness about disrupting ecosystems and the risk of depriving future generations.”

Find more information at the festival’s website and social media platforms.

Festival website: https://guaramappingfestival.com/

Festival social media: https://www.instagram.com/guaramappingfestival/



About North Eleven

Specialists in animation and motion design; real-time visual performance (VJing); digital display services including projection mapping, site planning and screen control; film festival management; entertainment and creative industry consultancy, North Eleven has worked throughout the Caribbean since 2005. Learn more at their website www.northelevenlife.com.

North Eleven is a member of the Artists and Cultural Workers Registry of Trinidad and Tobago in the fields of Animation, Projection Arts and Cinema (exhibition)