The Ministry of Sport and Community Development announces the receipt of 20 doses of WHO-approved Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines from the Government of South Africa. These doses were originally intended for use by our Olympic athletes, however, due to the departure of our athletes and sport administrators for Tokyo, the Ministry advises that the vaccines will be specifically used to inoculate T&T athletes travelling for upcoming regional and international competitions.

This allotment is part of a small advance of J&J vaccines from the Government of South Africa to the Government of Jamaica, and the doses were received by the Ministry of Sport and Community Development as a result of discussions held by T&T’s Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs with both the Government of South Africa and the Government of Jamaica.

In expressing this country’s sincerest gratitude to the Governments of South Africa and Jamaica respectively, the Honourable Shamfa Cudjoe praised both nations for “recognizing the significance of sport during this challenging year.”  She further stated that “our national sporting fraternity is grateful for this gesture which will enable our athletes to be ready to compete internationally at short notice as these vaccines offer full vaccination with one dose. We sincerely thank the Government and people of both South Africa and Jamaica for demonstrating sporting solidarity during this pandemic.”   These vaccines would be utilized for our athletes under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.