Refugees fleeing conflict in Ukraine arrive at the Medyka border crossing in Poland, Monday, Feb. 28, 2022. The head of the United Nations refugee agency says more than a half a million people had fled Ukraine since Russia’s invasion on Thursday. (AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu)

A T&T national and his wife have still not made their way out of Ukraine as Russia’s deadly invasion entered its sixth day.

On Tuesday, Foreign and Caricom affairs minister Dr Amery Browne confirmed that the national and his wife have however managed to flee the country’s capital Kyiv where deadly attacks have been taking place.

“Our national and his wife have made significant progress and made their way from the capitol to temporary accommodation approximately 450 km west of Kyiv.”

Last Friday minister Browne revealed that the national, who was not registered with the nearest Trinidad and Tobago embassy, had been in Ukraine for the last 11 years. The minister said following Russia’s invasion and attacks, the man and his wife had been in a bomb shelter and were reportedly in good spirits.

Minister Browne said all efforts would have been made to ensure the couple were safely evacuated from the country. Days later and the deadly conflict wages on with a reported breakdown in cease-fire discussions between Russian and Ukrainian delegates on Monday.

According to the minister, plans are still under-way to ensure that the national and his wife safely exit the country.

“We have been monitoring the border conditions and the unfolding challenges at the Polish border, and the current plan is for our national to depart tomorrow and proceed by road to the Hungarian border, with options of the Romanian and Slovakian borders should conditions shift further.”

Russia’s deadly invasion of Ukraine has pushed the number of people fleeing to neighbouring countries to more than 500,000.

Reporter: Jesse Ramdeo