Trinidad and Tobago has recorded its highest COVID-19 statistics for the year, as the Ministry of Health revealed yesterday that 38 new positive cases were confirmed between March 21 to 23.

Prior to yesterday’s startling statistics, the highest number of positive COVID cases stood at 21, which was recorded on February 4 and before that 20 cases on January 21.

Yesterday’s statistics came on the heels of a warning by the Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram on Monday that this country appears to be on the verge of a significant increase in COVID cases.

The CMO and other health officials have been warning about an upsurge in cases in county Caroni over the past few weeks and urging citizens to adhere to health protocols to prevent an uptick in cases, as they repeatedly stated T&T is not out of the woods when it came to COVID.

The number of cases have been as low as zero and hovered around under ten previously. However, in recent days officials said they observed cases averaging steadily around 16 to18 cases.

On Monday, Parasram said, “It is a significant increase again looking upwards of 80 something per cent in terms of cases week on week and it really needs to be viewed by the public and the Ministry of Health as something of concern at this point in time.”

Yesterday’s 38 cases provoked a strong reaction on social media, as many feared citizens wanted “Keith to give us Easter lockdown” and others lamented, “Reckless behaviour because allyuh hear vaccines coming.”