TT supermarkets and wholesalers implement anti-COVID-19 measures


Tee Jay's Wholesalers closed their doors temporarily this week, to restock shelves and sanitise the premises

Some supermarkets and wholesalers already have begun limiting to ten, the number of consumers who can enter their premises. 

Guardian Media spoke today with Mikael Mohammed, director of Tee Jay Wholesalers of Munroe Road, Cunupia, who said their operations were closed to ensure the compound was restocked and sanitised.

Mohammed said misinformation had been circulated that a case of COVID-19 was found at the facility. He said this was the furthest from the truth.

According to the wholesaler, the facility needed to close in order to restock and ensure proper sanitisation. Guardian Media understands the sanitisation exercise was undertaken with the use of sprays and fogging devices.

Mikael Mohammed restocks toilet paper at Tee Jay’s Wholesalers on Thursday. (Image: SHASTRI BOODAN)

Mohammed said there has been a large flow of customers, all of whom are demanding canned foods, sanitisers and cleaning supplies.

He said the business re-opens on Friday and would only allow ten customers inside at a time. Security would ensure that customers stay at least 3 feet apart. He said there also would be curb-side assistance where an employee would collect a list from the consumers, fill the request and deliver it to the car.

Mohammed said his company has taken a very serious approach towards the curbing the spread of the deadly disease.