The “Coffin Boat,” as it is being called by the villagers of Belle Gardens, is still at the Belle Gardens Bay.

Tobago police have determined that the 14 bodies and human remains found on a vessel floating off the coast of Tobago have been traced back to Mauritania and Mali.

And because of the work done to solve the “mystery” this country will be assisting officials in Turks and Caicos with a similar incident.

Senior police officials in Tobago hosted a press conference yesterday where they revealed that the Forensic Science Centre had completed its report. Officials say the cause of the death is most likely dehydration.

Head of the Tobago Division Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) William Nurse said the final report will now be sent to the office of the Commissioner of Police.

“Following that we expect the diplomatic links to be activated with Mauritania and we will get directions as to how we treat with the bodies and the skeletal remains.”

Describing the forensic report as “comprehensive” ACP Nurse said Trinidad and Tobago has been called upon to assist police officials in Turks and Caicos after another vessel with twenty bodies including two children, were found drifting off Grand Turks Island late last month.

The senior police official said steps will now be taken to have the vessel, which was lodged at Belle Garden Beach Facility, relocated.

The boat, which was found floating off the coast of Belle Garden late May was traced to Mauritania, West Africa. Officers assigned to the Police Cyber Unit, relied on information obtained from seven cell phones found on the remains.

One thousand Swiss Francs and 50 Euros and were found among the clothing of the deceased.

During the press conference, ACP Nurse also introduced six senior officers who he said are currently responsible for managing the Tobago Division.

Farmers on the island will also be given some assistance as there is no Predial Larceny unit on the island.

“We know Predial Larceny is an area of concern and we propose to address this frontally. I will call farmers from time to time, we will meet with them we are going to tailor their security needs in keeping with our resources.”

According to the ACP Nurse emphasis will also be placed on business places on the island who “carry out their trade by defacing the main thoroughfare.”

He said officers will be on the lookout for persons who violate Town and Country Planning regulations and drivers who park indiscriminately on secondary roads preventing the free passage of ambulances and fire tenders.