Adverse Weather Alert/YELLOW for Wednesday 27 October 2021. (Image courtesy Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service)

Trinidad and Tobago, including offshore areas of both islands, currently are under an Adverse Weather Alert/YELLOW Level, which will remain in effect for much of today.

Already, there have been reports of serious flooding across the country, leading to traffic jams in several areas.

Forecasters at the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS) note that rainfall activity of varying intensities is expected to continue intermittently over the next several hours. There is a medium/high (60-70%) chance of isolated heavy showers/thunderstorms especially over eastern offshore areas. Gusty winds in excess of 45km/hr are possible in the event of heavier showers/thunderstorms, and additional rainfall will exacerbate areas already inundated.

The Met Service warns that smaller water courses can become overwhelmed and spill over onto surrounding environs. Localized flooding and ponding can cause temporary traffic disruptions and landslips are possible in areas so prone. In addition, gusty winds can lead to loose/unsecured items being displaced as well as further agitation of sea conditions

The Met Service says the public SHOULD NOT wade or drive through flood waters. Also, it is advising residents along riverbanks to be on the alert.

Members of the public are encouraged to monitor weather conditions and official updates especially via and, as well as follow the instructions of government officials.