The Yellow Level Adverse Weather Alert issued by the Met Service for today, Sunday 27 September 2020. (Image courtesy TTMS)

Rough weather is in store for both Trinidad and Tobago today, with the passage of a Tropical Wave.

As such, the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS) has issued a Yellow Level Adverse Weather Alert, which will remain in effect until tonight.

According to a TTMS advisory, the Tropical Wave is expected to bring periods of showers, which will be heavy at times, along with occasional thunderstorms.

Citizens are advised that flash flooding and gusty winds in excess of 40 km/h can occur in areas of heavy showers.

The Met Service also warns of a high possibility of land slips or landslides in areas so prone.

A Tropical Wave is a kink or bend in the normally straight flow of surface air in the tropics which forms a low pressure trough, or pressure boundary, and showers and thunderstorms.  It can develop into a tropical cyclone.

A Yellow Level Alert means there is a MODERATE RISK to public safety, livelihoods and property.  Citizens can expect weather conditions may cause some disruptions in a few places. There is some potential for minor injuries. Most people would be able to go about their normal activities, but some will be directly impacted.

Citizens are required to monitor conditions and official updates. They must increase monitoring of their environment and stay tuned to official sources for updates—such as the TTMS and the ODPM—including the media.