Expectant mothers of multiples—twins, triplets and more will now have the support of the Trinidad and Tobago Multiple Birth Club—the first of its kind.

The club is scheduled to launch on November 12.

Founded by mother of triplets, Sharlene Gittens-Francis, the club promises to be a support group not just for mothers or parents of multiples, but also their families who experience the somewhat overwhelming journey with them.

Gittens-Francis said the club also intends to focus on the self-care of mothers of multiples as often with the demands of caring for their children severe self-neglect occurs.

In addition, support would also be offered through discounted items for children. Gittens-Francis has been in talks with various merchants to achieve this.

In a telephone interview, the St Helena-based mother said, there was no association of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago offering any kind of support to this community of mothers or parents, and it was out of her experience as a mother of triplets, that she decided to start such a club.

She revealed the launch would take place during Multiples Awareness Week—November 9 to 15. And although not recognised as an official observance in T&T,

Gittens-Francis has planned a week-long of virtual activities to mark the observance inclusive of performances and tributes, a book launch and a time management session for mothers of multiples to the grand launch of the club and a parents and children’s fun night, to conclude the week.

Aside from launching the club, Gittens-Francis has also penned a book, “She’s Expecting Multiples,” a guide for the friends and family members of those expecting twins, triplets and more.

It was eight years ago; not too long after exiting the corporate world to pursue her own business that Gittens-Francis found out she was pregnant. The news that she was having triplets came three months after.

“I wanted three children. I just did not know I would get them all at once,” she said through laughter.