This gentleman wears a face mask while getting his grocery shopping done, in adherence to COVID-19 regulations.

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturer’s Association (TTMA) and the Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT) have re-stated their commitment to ensuring that consumers continue to receive high quality goods and at affordable prices, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

They made the assertion in a joint statement issued today, following a meeting of executives of both business organisations, in which they focussed on “the supply chain disruption of food supply, consumer demand and the call to support local”.

“Both SATT and TTMA reaffirmed a commitment to robust strategies revolving around the careful management of consumer confidence in the high standard and quality of consumables produced in T&T and the availability of goods for the population,” the business groups state in the release.

“At the same time, all efforts are being made to ensuring that affordable pricing remains crucially accessible to consumers,” the TTMA and SATT assure, “while maintaining ongoing discussions with the present administration to increase the ease of doing business.”

Executives of the TTMA and the SATT expect to continue meeting in the future, to assess the success of initiatives they have proposed to raise consumer confidence.

“All parties recognize that it has been a difficult period of adjustment for businesses and consumers during this calendar year during the pandemic. As such, initiatives that revolve around consumer livelihood are close to the agendas of both manufacturers and retailers to create as stable an environment for national consumption,” the release says.

The TTMA and SATT also noted in their joint statement:

“Challenges will be met resolutely by both sides, with a willingness to navigate and resolve them with the consumer’s interest at the forefront. Both parties agreed to further discussions to ensure that the eventual success of these strategies lead to fruitful outcomes.”