TTMA commends Government actions to curtail COVID-19 spread

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA), is commending Government for its most recent actions to curtail the spread of COVID-19 in this country—namely, the further restriction of movement of large swathes of the population deemed “non-essential”.

And the Association currently is in the process of supplying government with a list of the businesses among its membership, which can classify as “essential” and “non-essential” and need special allowances during the period of restriction.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced that from midnight on Sunday (March 29) to April 15, citizens who are classified as “non-essential” will be required to stay at home.

In a news release, the TTMA observes that such heightened measures will have a direct impact on trade and the export sector but acknowledges that the burden of the coronavirus’ economic impact much shared by all.

The full text of the TTMA’s statement, follows…


PORT-OF-SPAIN       The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) commends the government on its action taken to combat the spread of Covid-19. The TTMA would also like to thank the health care professionals and their families who are sharing the risk and sacrifice for all of us at this time.  

The TTMA acknowledges the list of essential services as detailed by the Government at the Media Conference today (27th March) and recognizes the impact that such measures will have on trade and export. 

The result of the curtailment will be an obvious reduction in productivity and that will of course negatively impact production and export capacities. It is a burden that we will all have to share. 

Despite the present circumstances however, the TTMA continues on it mission and will find innovative ways to support its membership to double exports over the next 5 years and certainly when we enter a period of recovery as I know we will. We must remain positive. 

The TTMA supports the initiatives and actions of the Ministry of Health and supports the efforts to prioritize health and lives.  

The TTMA is currently collating a list of its members to submit to Government—which identifies essential businesses and those non-essential businesses—that need or require special allowances. These will include but not be limited to allowances for maintenance of equipment, security services and for receiving containers on route, during the period of restrictions. 

Businesses that have been included in the list, as well as those who have been omitted, must be prepared to spread their cash flow over the next few months with recessed revenues, in order to survive in the short term. The situation remains fluid and the TTMA continues to keep work with the Government to ensure business may continue at some reasonable level, for their own survivability and that of the economy.

The TTMA offices will be closed but we remain in operation remotely. Contact can be made through the following means:

1) Emails – listed on TTMA’s website,

2) Facebook – Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association