Tricia Coosal, President of the TTMA. (Image: SHIRLEY BAHADUR)

Some 2,697 employees in the manufacturing sector were vaccinated yesterday (Sunday June 6th) during the first public-private mass vaccination drive for the business community, at the Divali Nagar Site in Chaguanas.

The “Vaccinate to Operate” drive is a partnership involving the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA), the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI).

President of the TTMA, Tricia Coosal, says she is thrilled at the success of the collaborative partnership, which is being seen “as a means to preserving lives and livelihoods, and to keep the gears of the economy turning”.

“This first dose vaccination drive is a record milestone!”  the TTMA president said.  “The TTMA stands proud today, as we are honoured to be the first private entity to be allowed to set up and execute a vaccination site in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GoRTT).”

She added: “Our accomplishment today goes further.  As a team we were able to administer 2,697 first time doses of Sinopharm within an 8-hour period. To date this represents the most vaccines to be administered at any one site. We surpassed our target of 2,500 doses. This is a proud TTMA achievement as it’s a first-time run of a significantly large vaccine site under a public-private partnership.”

Tricia Coosal states the partnership would not have been possible without both Minister Deyalsingh and Minister Gopee-Scoon giving the TTMA their trust and guidance.

She also commended the response from TTMA members and their employees, “who came out in their hundreds to receive the vaccine”, as well as volunteers from the medical fraternity and civil society, who supported the initiative.

“The TTMA is also grateful to all the voluntary doctors and nurses of the T&T Medical Association and SEWA International TT that went beyond the call of duty by giving of themselves generously to this cause. We truly appreciate the sacrifice of their time and all efforts to ensure a successful vaccination day,” she noted.

“All systems in place at the vaccine site generally worked like clockwork with proficient database and logistical management and the free flow at vaccine stations, all in keeping with strict MOH guidelines,” the TTMA president reports. 

“The TTMA’s commitment to the vaccination drive remains unwavering. We recognise the strength of partnership with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago in vaccination drives,” she added.