Clifton Harrynarine shows off his KFC meals after purchasing from the Price Plaza, Chaguanas branch yesterday.

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association is expressing full support for the temporary measures announced by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

In a statement yesterday the TTMA said it understands the challenges the government faces with regard to putting measures in place to secure the lives of the citizenry and expressed full support for the measures outlined by the government to reel in the escalating rise of active COVID-19 cases.

The TTMA said it is alarming that 328 persons were recorded as infected yesterday.

It noted the behaviour of ‘ourselves’ in a pandemic needs to be kept in check, suggesting that the spiralling increase in the number of infected persons is not acceptable.

It is in this light the association said it is in agreement that drastic measures are needed to retract the curve as mentioned by the PM.

Describing the measures as ‘commendable’ and ‘understandable;’ the Association said it recognizes that resources are limited and whereas the government needs to secure the lives of all citizens, it could not have been done at the expense of livelihoods.

In this vein, the TTMA said it supported the decision not to close the manufacturing sector at this time. It noted that keeping these businesses open is imperative to stimulating the economy, even in a time of limited lockdown.

The TTMA said the manufacturing sector, for the most part, is self-regulating and expressed confidence that the sector would do what was necessary to ‘put all measures in place to safeguard our workers and ourselves from the exposure to the virus.’

The TTMA admitted that the closure of bars and restaurants will mean no curbside service, affecting many within the manufacturing sector, but it noted that this ‘needed short-term measure’ will be in effect until May 23rd.

The group said it is ‘hopeful’ that the measures announced will bring the desired result paving the way for the resumption of normal business operations.