GARY GRIFFITH, Commissioner of Police.

The following is an official statement issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) in response to media and social media reports of police involvement in a shooting incident in Carapo on Monday 15 June 2020.


The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) says that contrary to media and social media reports, the killing of Roger Cabie in Carapo on Monday evening did not involve the Police.

According to official reports, around 6.30 pm, on June 15th, Police responded to a report of loud explosions at Simon Road, Carapo. On arrival, police officers discovered the body of a man lying on his back in the middle of a roadway off Simon Road, Carapo, with what appeared to be gunshot wounds about the body.

The first responders cordoned off the area and awaited the arrival of investigators. The DMO visited the scene, viewed the body, and pronounced the person dead. He was later identified as Roger Cabie, 42, of Carapo. Police officers retrieved spent shell casings, along with two live rounds of 9 mm ammunition.

The body was removed to the Forensic Sciences Centre for a post-mortem.

Enquiries revealed that around 6:20 pm, Cabie was observed speaking to officers in two police vehicles which left shortly after. A few minutes later, several loud explosions were heard and Cabie was found unresponsive.

Further enquiries revealed that the house in which Cabie resided was acquired by means of force. Whilst on the scene several loud explosions were heard emanating in close proximity and such several units responded, however the shooters were not apprehended.

The TTPS notes that both the traditional media and social media have been reporting that Cabie was killed by the Police. Northern Division Police and the Homicide Bureau have refuted such reports, saying Cabie was a victim of gang warfare.

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, notes the comments made that there were witnesses to this killing, yet no one has come forward to produce any information, photographs, videos, or even the number plates of any vehicles in the area at the time of the killing.

The CoP is asking members of the public who may have witnessed this killing to call 999, report it to the Police App, or whats app 482-GARY with any information, videos or photographs.