The Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) is urging teachers to follow the instructions of the Chief Medical Officer and the Prime Minister and stay at home. 

The reminder comes the teachers’ union says it has received calls from teachers in various schools, who told them the principals of secondary schools are requesting that teachers come to school on Monday, to assist in gathering marks for School Based Assessments, among other issues.

TTUTA’s Second Vice President, Kyrla Robertson-Thomas, said the Association is advising teachers to adhere to the Public Health Ordinance COVID-19 Regulations and the Stay-at-Home orders.

“No principal, school supervisor, or teacher should take it upon themselves to go against the instructions that the public health authorities and the Prime Minister have strongly put out there, to keep themselves home as non-essential workers,” she stated. “We understand that teachers, students and parents are anxious to get education off the ground, but at this time, we would strongly urge that they follow those guidelines as issued by the public health authorities and the PM.”

She said the Ministry of Education has been using moral suasion to encourage teachers to use the online platform and other virtual means to reach out to students.

“Those teachers who can and are so inclined, they can.”

She said teachers should wait until TTUTA has fully developed work-from-home protocols, to ensure the rights of all stakeholders are engaged.