TTUTA President Antonia De Freitas


The Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers’ Association (TTUTA) has called for clear guidelines to govern work from home for teachers.

TUTTA’s President Antonia De Freitas who spoke with Guardian Media yesterday said a policy will provide guidance and safeguards for teachers as they engage in digital learning.

De Freitas said e-learning cannot be simply thrust upon teachers or students as there are many pertinent issues to be considered.

De Freitas said “We want to ensure the privacy of teachers and parents as well as students from the virtual environment and ensure that teachers are guided by the legislation in terms of operations”.

And while Government is proposing to condense three school terms, TTUTA said this can prove to be too much as it involved more than rearranging dates.

De Freitas said “the Minister of Education made the point that it was done in 1964 but the context of 1964 is not the context now. The workload of teachers and students have vastly increased and societal needs have changed so that may not be an easy proposition”.

De Freitas also said the postponement of the contentious SEA examination should be used to reevaluate the value of this exam.

“It gives us the opportunity as a society to move away from this focus on high-stake assessment from this constant focus on testing and look at essential learning and the development of student skills and competencies.”

TTUTA is urging Government to put systems in place to deal with the psychological needs of students, many of whom will be affected by their parents’ inability to earn wages at this time.