PC Keron George charged with perverting the course of justice

Two police officers have been placed on bail after being arrested and charged for perverting the course of justice as well as larceny.

Police Constables Keron George and Hendron Kellon were both charged on October 23 with the offences.

According to the police service, back in February this year the two officers along with another police officer reported and left the Arima Police Station on mobile patrol in the Arima district.

PC George was issued with a TTPS GALIL rifle with 35 rounds 5.56 ammunition and a TTPS Sig Sauer pistol with two magazines and 30 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition.

It is alleged that while on patrol at Sorzano Street, Arima, PC George informed PC Moses and the other officer on patrol that one of his magazines had malfunctioned and all of the 15 rounds 9mm ammunition contained in that magazine had fallen out.

The matter was reported to senior officers by George that 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition which was issued to him were lost in some bushes along Old Brazil Road, Arima whilst giving chase to suspicious persons.

PC Moses also allegedly reported the same to his seniors.

However, when a search was conducted by members of the Northern Division Task Force at the alleged area of the chase with the use of a metal detector, no ammunition was found.

Further interviews were carried out and the third officer who was on patrol said no such chase occurred.

The matter was reported to the Professional Standards Bureau and the two officers were later held and charged.