Two men died on Monday night following a shooting incident in Champs Fleurs, which police suspect may be gang related.

According to a police report, at about 8:05 pm on Monday, officers from the Northern Division Task Force responded to a report of heavy gunfire at Upper Mendez Drive, Champ Fleurs, in the vicinity of Hevron Heights Phase 3.

Upon arrival at the corner of Lemon Drive in Champ Fleurs, they met first responding officers preparing to take one of the men to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

The man had sustained two gunshot wounds to the chest, two to the upper torso and one to the back. He was later pronounced dead at 9:06 pm.

The second victim was found dead, several metres away on the road. The victim was wearing a grey vest and a light-coloured three-quarter pants. Police said the man, who is yet to be identified, wore a Rasta hairstyle, and was described as dark in complexion and with heavy build.

A silver Y11 Wagon was found some 30 feet away from the body of the second victim.  Police said the driver’s door was open and a bullet hole was seen in the door, with another bullet hole in the door post.

Several spent shells were recovered from around from the scene: 26 spent 9 mm shells, one fragment, one live 9mm ammunition, one projectile and two deformed projectiles.

The scene was visited by the District Medical Officer who viewed the body, made his pronouncement and ordered its removal.

Investigations continue.