Fire officers put out the fire at Sindy Ann Chapman’s home at Lazarri Street, Block one, Palmiste, yesterday. The house was partially destroyed by the fire.

Two people escaped death after a house was engulfed in flames in Palmiste, San Fernando, yesterday.

Sindy Ann Chapman, a veterinarian assistant, and a male relative had to jump through a window of the two-storey house when the fire started around midday.

They were assisted by neighbours and were taken to the hospital after suffering smoke inhalation.

Fire investigators believe that the fire began in the living room of the house at Lazzari Street.

Guardian Media was told that Chapman worked as a veterinary assistant at Animalia Veterinary Services at Duncan Village, San Fernando. One of her friends said two of her dogs, which had only three legs each, were missing. The cause of the blaze has not yet been determined.