The two Spanish speaking men who were arrested by police following a high speed chase along the Uriah Butler Highway, Chaguanas, yesterday.

Two Spanish-speaking men, who attempted to evade police crashed off the highway during a high-speed chase along the Uriah Butler Highway, Chaguanas, yesterday morning.

They were arrested after police found two packs of cocaine in their possession.

Police said around 7.45 am three highway patrol units went to the UBH Chaguanas where Emergency Rapid Patrol officers, who were proceeding south along the highway, called on the occupants of a white Aqua vehicle to stop after the car was seen driving in an erratic manner.

The driver of the vehicle in question sped off and the ERP officers gave chase. The car with the occupants subsequently ran off the road and the suspects held with cocaine.

The suspects were all taken to the Chaguanas CID.