Loyse Vincent

Two men from the Lambeau area are currently in police custody in connection with the murder of 21- year old Isaiah Thomas, also of Lambeau, whose body was found in bushes on February 28.

The funeral for late CCC student was held yesterday at the Mt Paran Spiritual Baptist Church at Bethel.

Police received a tip-off about a body of what appeared to be a male in some bushes along the Lambeau River.

The bloated remains had several marks of violence and a gunshot wound.

Thomas’ grandmother Junie Thomas Bishop identified the remains as Isaiah.

Prior to his remains being found, Thomas Bishop reported her grandson missing after she had not heard from or seen him for three days.

During the search for Isaiah, CCTV footage captured him getting into a vehicle which stopped shortly after and someone in the vehicle threw a cell phone into a community bin. Family members then searched the same bin and discovered that the phone belonged to Isaiah.

Family members described him as loving and peaceful with ambitions of being a singer. They could not say why anyone would want him dead.

Close family friend Wayne “Wasp” Clarke, who was the PDP candidate for Lambeau/Signal Hill in the last THA Elections, gave a tribute during the funeral.

He said he knew Isaiah from infancy as his mother died when he was very young and he grew up with family members . And while he is heart-broken by Isaiah’s murder he felt there was a lesson in the tragedy.

He said, “These are persons I’m sure Isaiah felt that he could have trusted because all of them lime on the block together. The talk they laugh together and in spite of what caused the fall out I don’t think he deserved for his life to come to such a violent end.”

He said during his campaign he spoke with Isaiah, who asked him to assist him with getting a job if he won his seat.

“I told him he needed to do more than just look for a THA job, I told him instead I would prefer to see him get some kind of training where he could elevate himself and advance into a career,” Clarke said.

Clarke called on people to return to traditional values of the community raising a child as he believes that there should be some intervention into the Lambeau community because the area has developed a negative stigma.

The two men in police custody are brothers from the Lambeau area.