Candace Nichols

The Tobago Council of the People’s National Movement (PNM) named 11 of its 12 candidates to represent the party in the upcoming Tobago House of Assembly elections yesterday.

Speaking to the media at the party’s headquarters at Pump Mill Plaza, Wilson Road, the island’s council leader Tracy Davidson -Celestine said the selection process “was above board.”

She said the committee is still deliberating on the candidate for the Canaan/Bon Accord electoral district.

The incumbent Clarence Jacob and newcomer Dominique Kerr are vying for that seat.

When asked what challenges the committee is facing to select the candidate, Davidson-Celestine was coy.

“ A final decision, so within the next twenty-four hours or so we will be haggling over who is the best candidate to represent (the party.)”

Pressed further on whether or not another candidate is being sought for the district, she reiterated her stance that the decision is “still under deliberation.”

She said incumbents- Joel Jack, Shomari Hector, Marslyn Melville-Jack, Ancil Dennis, would face the electorate again.

She said some newcomers to electoral politics will also face the polls.

They are Rowry Dillon, Neil Beckes, Boxil Bailey, Melissa James Guy, and Kelvin Morris.

Kwesi Des Vignes, the party’s Public Relations Officer, will also face the polls for the first time. He replaced incumbent for Providence/Mason Hall/Moriah Sheldon Cunnigham.

ASked if Cunningham was slighted after he won the seat for the party for two consecutive elections, the Tobago council leader she said he was not.

“ The decision was made by a committee…using a very rigorous process,” she said.

Davidson-Celestine was also asked why Melville-Jack was selected for the Scarborough/Calder Hall district and not Dr Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus.

Tsoiatfatt- Angus supported Davidson-Celestine supported for the leadership of the island council earlier this year.

“ I want to assure the public that there are opportunities for every person who would have put their foot in the ring to serve,” the party’s leader replied.

The PNM’s screening committee, chaired by Davidson- Celestine, is comprised of eight members.

The other members are Stanford Callender, Yolander George, Ancil Thorne, Kwesi Des Vignes, Huey Cadette, Deon Isaac and, Marslyn Melville- Jack.

Candidates selected by Tobago Council of the PNM’s screening committee

Parlatuvier/L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside – Rory Dillon

Roxborough/Delaford – Neil Beckles

Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden – Kelvon Morris

Lambeau/Signal Hill -Tracy Davidson-Celestine

Bacolet/Mt St George – Joel Jack

Scarborough/Calder Hall – Marslyn Melville-Jack

Providence/Mason Hall/Moriah – Kwesi Des Vignes

Belle Garden/Goodwood – Boxhill Bailey

Plymouth/Golden Lane – Melissa Guy

Bethel/Mt Irvine – Shomari Hector

Buccoo/ Mt Pleasant – Ancil Dennis