Undertakers remove the bodies of murder victims Richie Ragoo and Nyron Philip on Monday night.

Two men were killed in a shooting in Carapo on Monday night.

The victims were identified as Nyron Philip, 42, of Carapo Main Road and Richie Ragoo, 33, of Jokhan Trace, Carapo.

Philip, a lorry driver and father of four, along with Ragoo, died instantly after a masked gunman entered Ragoo’s mechanic shop and opened fire on them.

A third man, aged 21, also of Jokhan Trace, was injured during the incident.

The double murder occurred around 9.25 pm, while the men were liming and drinking at Ragoo’s garage, where they had just finished installing a gearbox in Philip’s truck.

Ragoo was shot nine times while Philip was shot twice.

The third man was taken to hospital, where he remained warded in a critical condition up to last evening.

The wives of both men visited the Forensic Science Centre, St James, yesterday but declined to speak, as they became emotional after viewing their bodies for identification.

Other relatives of Philip described him as a devoted family man who was always on the go.

Concerned about the continued well-being of his four children, whose ages range from 17 years to 11 months, as Philip was the sole breadwinner for his family, they vowed to step up and do what is needed.

Philip’s youngest son was due to be christened next month.

Relatives said they will await the arrival of his two eldest daughters from the US before funeral arrangements are finalised.

Police have ruled out robbery as the motive, as nothing was taken from the dead men following the shooting.

Philip’s relatives claimed he was, “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Gun violence has continued to escalate in Carapo, as yesterday’s murders follow just two months after five men from the area were executed by gunmen in August.

The five—Avinash Sookraj, 32; Russel Poon, 53; Radish Pooran, 54; Ryan Sookraj, 27, and Jimmy Poon, 26—were all found dead near a river not far from their homes located off Racecourse Road, Carapo.