Two men were killed in separate early morning shootings in Laventille and Maloney yesterday.
In the first incident around 3 am on April 25th, Roland Chatergoon of Mapp Lands, Snake Valley, Laventille, was killed by unknown gunmen allegedly posing as police officers.
Chatergoon, 21, died as the men opened fire on him when he stepped outside.
It is believed the men called out, claiming to be police officers so that Chatergoon would come outside.
His killing followed several hours after Dwayne “D Boss” Thomas was shot dead during a drive-by shooting at Snake Valley, on Friday evening.
Thomas, 33, of Sandy Way, Fairways, Maraval, was also killed by unknown gunmen.
Police officers have not yet confirmed any link between the two killings.
In the second incident around 3.35 am on April 25th gunmen allegedly dressed in tactical gear reportedly stormed the apartment at Building 12, Maloney Gardens, where Atiba McKenna was asleep and opened fire on the occupants.
As McKenna, 47, lay bleeding on the bed, the gunmen fled on foot.
Relatives who were asleep at the time were awakened and alerted the police.
However, McKenna succumbed to his injuries before the paramedics and police arrived on the scene.
Officers have said Mckenna was known to them.
Investigations are continuing into all incidents.

Reporter: Anna-Lisa Paul