Police are probing the circumstances that led to two men being killed in separate incidents in Penal, overnight. 

They have been identified as Dansley Ramjattan and Kendall Austin also known as ‘Pantin’. 

According to a report, Dansley Ramjattan, a 47-year-old truck driver, went with a petty officer attached to the T&T Coast Guard and other people to an excursion to Toco.  They returned to the petty officer’s home at Clarke Road, Penal, around 9 pm.

Ramjattan, also of Clarke Road, left and returned about 45 minutes later.  The petty officer reportedly confronted him, and they had an altercation, during Ramjattan is said to have dared the petty officer to “do meh something” and he hit him.  

Ramjattan reportedly fell on the ground and died.

The 40-year-old petty officer has been detained by the police, pending further inquiries.

Less than four hours later, around 1:30 am, residents at Sunrees Road Extension in Penal contacted the police after hearing loud explosions in the area.

Police found Kendall ‘Pantin’ Austin’s body near a track some 100 feet from the roadway.  His body bore several gunshot wounds.

Residents told police they heard loud explosions, a man’s screams and then more loud explosions.

Police recovered 10 spent 9mm shells and three projectiles.

Penal Police, along with Investigators of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations (Region 3), are investigating the incidents.