Homicide officers were kept busy overnight following two murders, which occurred in separate incidents in Chaguanas and Brazil Village.

Murder in Chaguanas

In the first incident, 37-year-old Naresh James, of Sarju Street, Petersfield in Chaguanas, was shot dead on Tuesday night after the gunman confronted his wife and their two children in the bedroom of their home.

According to a police report, at about 10 pm, James’ wife was at her home when a man of African descent, armed with a firearm and wearing a mask, entered her bedroom and demanded that she tell him where her husband was.

Police said the gunman pointed the firearm at her and asked her repeatedly for her husband before deciding to walk through the premises, checking for himself to see if James was on the compound.

At that time, James reportedly was seated on a white Toyota Tercel, which was parked on the western side of the roadway opposite to his house.  The gunman approached him and fired several shots in his direction, hitting him about his body.

James reportedly ran in an attempt to escape; however, he subsequently fell to the ground a short distance away from where he was previously sitting. The gunman then escaped on foot.

James’ wife and her children ran for safety to a neighbour’s house and contacted the police.

Upon arrival at the scene, police officers found James lying face down on the ground. He had been shot multiple times in the face and about the body.

Police recovered three 9 mm spent shells and other items of evidential value on the scene.

A Killing in Brazil Village

In a separate incident, at about 11:20 pm another murder occurred at Brazil Village.

The victim was identified as 22-year-old Christian Stoll, of Jai Ramkissoon Housing Settlement in Brazil.

According to a police report, police officers responded to a report of a shooting at Gomez Avenue, Brazil. On arrival at the scene, they observed Stoll lying on the roadway in a foetal position. He reportedly had been shot multiple times to the head and body.

Stoll’s friend told police that at about 10:30pm on Tuesday, he and Stoll were walking along the roadway in Gomez Avenue when they saw a man who was clad in dark clothing and a red face mask stooping down in the vicinity of Jan’s Mini Mart. As they approached him, the man stood up and pointed a gun at them shouting: “Don’t move!”

Stoll’s friend told the police that he kicked off his slippers and ran off, leaving Stoll behind.

He then heard several gunshots as he continued running away, believing that his friend Stoll had been killed.

Crime Scene personnel processed the scene and retrieved four spent 7.62 ammunition casings.

Motives are yet to be determined for both murders.

Investigations continue.