The firebombed home at Watts Street, Curepe, where sisters Amand and Alicia Charles were killed.


Two sisters were killed in a fire on Thursday morning believed to be from a firebombing at their home in Curepe.

They were identified as Amanda Charles, 30, and her sister Alicia Charles, 31.

Alicia’s husband, Fidel Guerra was also injured and is currently warded in hospital.

According to a police report, at about 12.10 am police received a report that a house was on fire along Watts Street, Curepe.

When officers arrived, they found the sisters and Guerra on the ground outside of the home unconscious.

The paramedics were notified and they were all taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope for treatment.

However, Amanda was pronounced dead at 12.58 am and her sister subsequently died several minutes later.

During a visit in the area, Guardian Media was told by neighbours that they were outside liming when they heard an explosion and saw a car speeding off.

“We noticed smoke coming from the ground floor of the apartment so we run over to try and help. The fire spread fast and like the people were trapped. We got a sledgehammer and we start pounding away at the door. Then when we couldn’t get through we tried the window and got through the two burglar-proofing and that’s how we got all three of them outside but they were unconscious already,” one neighbour said.

The neighbours said that it was only recently that the three moved into the area and was known to keep by themselves.

“They seemed like quiet people. Would only see them going to work and back home. We didn’t know them personally other than that but is neighbours so we tried to save them. Sorry the women died, we only heard they died when we woke up,” another neighbour said.

Police officers said investigations were ongoing.

Fire Prevention officers are yet to determine the cause and origin of the fire.