Relatives at the grave site of two-year-old Safoorah Muhammed at the Munroe Road Cemetery yesterday.

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Yet another toddler has drowned in a family pool while in the care of relatives.

On Thursday, two-year-old Safoorah Muhammed drowned after she fell into a pool at Munroe Road, Cunupia.

Baby Safoorah lived with her mother Angela and three brothers at Pascal Road, Piparo.

However, a neighbour who requested anonymity said Angela took her children to spend time at their grandfather’s home in Cunupia two weeks ago.

Police said around 4.30 pm on Thursday, a relative, Saddiq Muhammed, left Safoorah playing with her cousins and went away. But when he returned five minutes later, he did not see the child.

Family members began searching the house and later found the baby floating in the pool. Saddiq quickly pulled her out of the water and began doing CPR but Safoorah remained unresponsive. She was rushed to the Chaguanas Health Facility where she was pronounced dead.

Another neighbour who requested anonymity yesterday said Angela’s brother-in-law informed them about the death yesterday morning.

“It so sad. She is a really nice little girl. Very quiet,” the neighbour said.

Another neighbour explained that the funeral took place yesterday under Muslim rites.

WP/Sgt Dickson of the Chaguanas police is continuing investigations.

This is the second child to have drowned in as many months.

On August 4, four-year-old Shiva Canya, of Pasea Village, Tunapuna, was at the home of his paternal grandmother Chooni Samaroo, 67, of 222 Ridge Road, San Pedro Village, Poole, when tragedy struck.

Samaroo told police she was watching Canya when without her noticing, he slipped away. When she realised he was missing, she frantically started to check around the house for him. She called out to him but he did not answer. She then called her son Ajay, 24, who was working nearby at the home of their next-door neighbour Lochan Heeralal.

Ajay quickly stopped his work and began looking for his son. Moments later he saw the toddler’s body floating in Heeralal’s swimming pool. Ajay picked up the unconscious child and quickly rushed him to the Rio Claro Health facility where he was pronounced dead.