Parang legend Scrunter.

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Soca artiste Umi Marcano has collaborated with popular parang legend, Irwin ‘Scrunter’ Johnson to urge people to take necessary safety precautions against the COVID-19 virus.

The song, ‘We Paranging (Munchies Monster)’, was almost complete when Marcano’s manager suggested an additional touch.

“Scrunter was like the icing on the cake. Basically at the end of whole run that’s when we put Scrunter on the track. My manager was thinking, ‘what could we do to make this great’? So he reached out to Scrunter and they had a conversation and we became friends and he came and he did it and we are at this point right now,” said Marcano.

Marcano said the studio session with the Sangre Grande icon, was also full of advice.

“He came down all the way from Grande to Diego Martin and yeah, he did actually tell me some things…it was like it was like a young one meeting a legend and so from the time he come in the studio here, he start to tell me different things to make it sound…advance it,” Marcano said.

The two artistes hope to release a music video to further push the message.

“That is one of our ideas – to work with the Ministry of Health to, you know, when we shoot the video, we shoot the video in such a way where it corresponds to proper guidelines for COVID so it would actually help people who want to check their family but scared, to do the right thing,” he said.

As for the cancellation of Carnival season, Marcano said it was an opportunity for artistes to develop music with an international focus, as well as developing exposure on streaming platforms as they could no longer look to the live audience events of the festival.

He said while the lockdown had taken away some of his freedom it did allow him to spend more time in his studio at West Coast Beats, Dutch Entertainment.