Ummah T&T: Muslims have power but are not unified


Imam Raskeed Karim, left, hands a gift to a fellow member of his Jamaat on Sunday at Greenidge Street, Felicity Chaguanas. (Image: SHASTRI BOODAN)

The head of Ummah TT, The Muslim Federation, has called for unity among Muslims in Trinidad and Tobago, as the community observes Eid-ul-Fitr.

According to Imam Rasheed Karim, Muslims have a lot of power in T&T but is not as effective as it can be as a force for change, because the community itself is too divided.

The Imam made the comments on Sunday morning at the Masjid ul Furqaan on Greenidge Street in Felicity, Chaguanas, where scaled down Eid celebrations took place.

“With unity comes power,” the Imam noted. “I want to let you all know that you have power. The Muslim community in T&T, you have a lot of power, but you have been misguided. You have been misled and you do not understand your power—you are divided. I want to ask you—all our Muslim brothers in T&T, and sisters—let us all unify. Let us be together; let us not be divided, and then you will see the supreme power we have.”

Imam Karim said Muslims in T&T have shown their true grit by coming out in full force during the COVID-19 lockdown and assisting the down-trodden in their communities. He said people must never forget that God is in control.

“We have seen that for the past two months where mankind has been brought to their knees by the supreme power of God almighty. We have to understand that God almighty has manifested to show mankind that nothing can be done with himself.”

The Imam stated that Muslims are the flag bearers of Islam and have a responsibility to portray the true Islam in the way they conduct their lives and live with their fellow man.

He observed that Eid celebrations had been scaled down because of the current COVID-19 pandemic and members of the Jamaat were praying at home.

Imam Karim said he had asked all members to drive down to the mosque on Eid day, where they were given gifts as a sign of unity and celebration.