to take full responsibility for what he described as a debacle.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has been described as a doctor delivering the death announcement of Atlantic LGN Train 1.

At a United National Congress press conference yesterday, Opposition Senator Wade Mark also called on the PM and his entire Cabinet to take full responsibility for what he described as a debacle.

Further, Mark warned Rowley not to justify the bad decisions NGC had made by proposing to indemnify those fully responsible for its death.

Train 1 is owned by Atlantic Trinidad Limited (Atlantic) which also owns the entire facility at Point Fortin where all 4 trains operate.

“I also want to talk about the death announcement made by the Prime Minister of Train 1 last evening when he arrived from Glasgow Scotland,” Mark told reporters.

Mark said the PM was aware since December 2019/2020 through a letter sent to him by BPTT “that Train 1 could not be supplied with gas from either BPTT or by Shell.”

As head of the Cabinet, Mark said Rowley along with Energy Minister proceeded on the advice of the president of the National Gas Company Mark Loquan and its chairman Conrad Enil “to pump over $650 million or thereabout into this projects…saying they were upgrading this project….Train 1 knowing fully well there was no gas.”

Mark said Rowley had to go to England to talk to Shell to return home “to tell Trinidad and Tobago that the doctor has put on his clothes…his jacket to pronounce the death of Train 1.”

The Opposition Senator said while the PNM Government has been calling on citizens to pay property tax at a bitter and difficult period in our nation’s history and “your Government has wasted some $650 million. Well, Mr Prime Minister, you are criminally liable and responsible and you must be held accountable for that $650 million or thereabout that has gone down the drain…and I think this is misbehaviour in public office.”

Mark said Rowley and his entire Cabinet must not only take responsibility for this fiasco.

“But we call on you to get rid of Mark Loquan and that entire board….along with yourself (Rowley) and your Cabinet because you all are responsible for this debacle that has visited our country.”

Mark said the Government lied to the people about the project having complexity, difficulties and technicalities and little or no information was given to the nation.

“All lies. Knowing fully well that Train 1 was being mothballed. Train 1 was not going anywhere. Train 1 was off the track…Train 1 was derailed. You knew that since December of last year, yet you pumped into that wreckage some $650 million in this guava season.”

Mark said now Rowley was asking “us for pardon. And this thing call indemnity…don’t take God out of your thoughts and grant any indemnity to Mark Loquan, and Enil and that board of NGC along with NGC/LNG. No! this is criminal conduct…misbehaviour in public office.”